The Upcoming Apple IPhone 8

Surprisingly, the most outstanding whispers and comments on Apple’s latest masterpiece (set to be released in September) are all about how the tech firm might not be able to deliver in time. After the iOS 11 was revealed by Apple, it became pretty obvious that Apple would bring us a new gift. However, at this point in time, numerous well known tech critics seem to doubt that Apple will be able to roll out the I-phone 8 this September. As usual, the stories surrounding the possible features that will be seen in the I-phone are many and varied. Some say that it will have wireless charging system, others say that the home button will be moved to the back of the phone much like the the LG G3’s power button. As usual i will try to point out only a few of the most likely features that will be seen. The first, and probably the most obvious one, is its operating system. The I-phone 8 will definitely want their most advanced operating software in this device to handle the numerous state of the art functionalities the phone is said to have. Secondly, a curved “edge to edge”(As many critics have called it) OLED display. Yes, it seems Apple may be trying out Samsung’s OLED technology. However, as with every positive in life, there has to be a negative. Many experts say that this new design is what may delay the I-phone 8’s release. This is because of the process of integrating the new and no doubt, advanced fingerprint id technology,  another interesting feature the phone is said to have. According to sources, the I-phone 8 may feature fingerprint sensing on a a touch-screen level. Imagine a phone that will be able to recognize it’s user’s fingerprint on the screen and not on a button. We are truly heading into a bright future. Apart form fingerprint id, the phone may also feature an iris scanner that will allow the owner to unlock the phone simply by looking at it. With the iris scanning feature i highly doubt the device will lack facial recognition functionality. Finally, lets look at what the device’s camera my look like. Many leaked images from different sources show that the I-phone8’s may have a dual lens camera with a flash between the lenses at the back. This will most likely offer superior optical image stabilization as well as wide angle and telephoto functionality. However, Apple didn’t stop there, two very unique features that the Iphone 8 may offer are 3D and Augmented reality support. Whether or not this is true, the idea is still an awesome one. The front facing camera is not left behind in terms of technological advancements. It is said that Apple will be using a dual lens camera system with 3D sensing, vertical alignment and facial recognition technology as well as infrared technology for better location and depth sensing. The infrared hardware gives further evidence of Iris recognition and future augmented reality capability. Other specifications like the battery, storage and Ram are not yet very clear but i would like to believe that we will see a version with 3 Gigabytes of Ram and 256 Gigabytes of storage. The I-phone8 will most definitely support wireless charging as well. All in all, a truly exquisite piece of technology. Now all we have to do is wait and see what the designers at Apple have in store for us.

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By. KJ.

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