The Next Nexus


The next Nexus, a big topic in the tech world. According to sources, Google could be set to take over manufacture of the nexus phones both in the hardware and software sectors from manufacturers.
This will effectively make the former smartphone manufacturer a contractor, rather than a partner in the project.
Some of the larger brands may not give in to this sate of affairs willingly, but Google might find a compatriot in HTC. There are already rumours of H.T.C’s talks with Google about making future Nexus hardware but it is unlikely LG will be involved in the next Nexus. Google usually releases its Nexus around September.
It is most probable that the next Nexus will carry only Google Branding.
Indeed this year, especially due to the shortcomings of the Pixel C, Google will most likely try to launch a vastly superior device to win back its users and it will be one handset everyone will want to be associated with.
A rumor recently appeared claiming that HTC will be making two Nexus smartphones this year, and that the one will be a 5.5 inch device and the other a 5.0 inch.
While some might argue it is too early for reasonable rumors to begin for a Nexus product,there appears to be some truth in them as was the case last year with the Huawei.
With the Snapdragon 820 on the horizon and Samsung already folding up its sleeves in preparation of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the flagships of 2016 are just about to roll.
With them will comes along a new Nexus that is certain. But the big question remains, who gets to take home the Nexus?
Rumors indicate HTC apparently.
Will HTC actually make two Nexus devices in 2016?
Is Google planning to expand the Nexus portfolio?
How many Nexus phones and tablets will we see in 2016?
All excellent questions, only time will tell.
Thank you and welcome again.

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