IOS VS Android


Android vs IOS

It’s obvious that these two brands are the world’s leading mobile operating systems producers.Android and Apple both have a strong following in countries all over the world and thus

the competition between then is always visible in the way each tries to get an edge on the other all the time.The question is, what makes these two operating systems so different from one another.On one hand, we have the Android platform which is a highly customizable system, with roots in Linux and on the other the closed non-customisable IOS system.This is a notable difference given that on the IOS system, the average user may never know what altered versions of the OS may look like.When it comes to affordability, Android definitely takes the cake ,the Android OS has been built to run on low-level smart phones as well as high-end, this therefore allows users to purchase various smartphoes well within their pay-grade.However,this is not the case for the IOS platform.When it comes to user experience, both operating systems offer quick and easy to use user interfaces when offline but a notable advantage for the IOS platform is its well organised and easy to navigate application store which maintains a steady lead over the android play-store.Since there’s no common hardware between the two types of devices it is difficult to judge power consumption,the IOS is designed to get the most out of its battery but an advantage the android has over the IOS is the fact that u can always go and buy an android device with a more powerful battery.In terms of updates it is obvious that since Apple keep their software under a tight leash, it is easier for them to update their systems always ensuring that the device is working at its best 24/7.

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