About Us



TECH-WISE, a tech blog by KJ Enterprises, is a group of dedicated young minds devoted to the achievement of a vision. The vision of a Tech-literate generation. One ablephoto_for_technology_quotes_8965426231 to utilize the ever changing pieces of Technology in our hands and on which the world now relies to survive. Many people really don’t understand the full potential of the gadgets they possess. As long as at the end of the day the job is done, no-one cares about the how and why. If we can change this, this way of thinking. Get to know what a smartphone, computer, laptop, smart-watch e.t.c can really do in your hands. Then Kenya will be a changed and more efficient society. A dream we share, a reality we see possible.We look forward to serving you.Please join us in this journey of learning and let us step into a whole new world.