The Toyota starlet EP71. Something Special

Lets look at something different and take a break from the world of phones, laptops and electronics. Let me tell you about a car in my life. The Toyota Starlet EP71.

I really don’t know what to say about this car. It was a marvel of its time. Available in both 3 and 5 door versions. A special hatchback in its own right. Originally, it came equipped with Toyota’s 2e carburetor engine. A while later, versions with the 4E FE engine. Then finally Toyota produced few of them with limited edition 4E FTE (Turbocharged) engines pushing approximately 138 HP. Today, many people have let this wonderful car go to the scrap heap. I, however, refuse to. My uncle had this car when I was small and two years ago in 2016, I found it at my grandma’s house clearly a home for garden spiders and cockroaches. Needless to say, with many modern cars in the family, no one paid any attention to the little machine. A few months later, I drove it to Eldoret from Kericho with an old 2E Carburetor engine. Manufactured in 1988, now close to two and a half decades later, it still ran like a dream. This journey gave me the inspiration I needed. As I suspected, the 2 E engine still had many drawbacks and its age of glory had passed. I now plan to put a 4E EFI engine into it very soon. It will definitely not be easy, it will be expensive and it will take a lot of will and determination. Only time will tell what happens next so let’s wait and see but one thing is for sure I refuse to let the Toyota Starlet EP71 die…..

Thanks for reading and if you have a car you love and are trying to restore. The one thing i can tell you is never give up. I know it’s a common phrase and it’s been thrown around alot, but that doesn’t mean it’s false.

Thanks for reading.

By. Kj.

Xiaomi Mi 5

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Sony Xperia X Dual


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Lenovo Vibe K5


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